Terms & Conditions

By using our online platforms “www.www.pujagharonline.com or pujagharonline” (in the future Puja Ghar Online), you agree to the following guidelines:

  1. As an individual user, you are competent enough to abide by the contract set according to the Indian Contract Act.
  2. You are not restricted by any expressly forbidden law while making transactions on our website Puja Ghar Online.
  3. You have a credible identification and hence not imposing as someone else by using their login credentials or any other pieces of information such as email address, phone number, username, password or financial details, without any prior legal authorisation.
  4. You are using a malware or virus free device along with a secured internet connection while making purchases on our website.
  5. Customers are forbidden non-usage of any unauthorised VPN server or any other technology, which is impermissible by the law in the residing country.
  6. In case of any detection of illegal activities or usage of unauthorised technology, Puja Ghar Online has the authority not only to cancel the transactions but take necessary legal actions against the accused customer without any prior notice.
  7. Customers have to be well aware of the details they fill in while making a transaction. Once the order has been placed, and transaction procedure is complete, Puja Ghar Online will not be responsible for any wrong information such as shipping address, faulty product, etc. However, customers can still contact our customer support team, but it is the sole discretion of Puja Ghar Online to accept or refuse the request.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to insert the correct shipping address so as to receive the timely delivery of the product. However, in case of wrong or incomplete address, if the product reaches a wrong destination, Puja Ghar Online shall not be responsible for any return, refund, or any other service.
  9. That all the products, contents, substances, and pictures displayed on our website solely belongs to Puja Ghar Online.
  10. Any item which is made accessible via www.pujagharonline.com shall not be used by any user to circulate, republish, dismantle, replicate, download, transfer, transmit, or post as their own. Puja Ghar Online has sole authority over its products.
  11. Puja Ghar Online is not a subsidiary of the sites to which it is linked, and hence it deters itself from any mishap that on these sites.
  12. The sites to which Puja Ghar Online is linked are solely for the convenience of the users, and hence they have to operate it on their risk. Our website shall not be responsible for any action happening on the connected sites.
  13. Puja Ghar Online only stores the personal details of the users for analytical purpose, but it disagrees explicitly with storing any financial information such as card number, bank details etc.
  14. Hence while transacting on Puja Ghar Online, it is the sole responsibility of the customer of any transactional hazard or data leakage occurs, and our website shall not be held responsible for this.
  15. Our customer support team is always readily available to serve the customers, hence in case of any dissatisfaction towards the service or any product, users must first reach out to the concerned official for resolving the issue. Our executives will try to solve the problems as soon as possible.
  16. In case of any legal complications, it is solely the courts located in New Delhi that will have the authority to call for jurisdiction and settle the claims. Furthermore, no other courts in India, including Courts of Jammu & Kashmir shall have jurisdictional powers and matters have to be resolved in the territory of New Delhi.
  17. As a user of Puja Ghar Online, you affirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before placing further orders on our website.