Privacy Policy

Trust is an imperative aspect for building a strong relationship with the client, and at Puja Ghar Online, we value the trust that you show in us. Hence we have leveraged higher standards for ensuring customer information privacy and secured transactions. Take a look at the below statement to get a vivid detail about our dissemination practices and information gathering processes. 


We request you periodically follow our privacy policies as we are in the constant process to offer better service to our clientele. Hence our privacy policy can change without any prior notice.

As a user, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Hence if you disagree on any point, we request you not to make any transactions on our Website.

According to this Privacy Policy, by merely browsing through our Website, you give your consent to disclose your personal details. Our Privacy Policy is subjected to the Terms of Use. In spite of maximised security efforts, Puja Ghar Online doesn’t guarantee that any information placed on its Website or any linked sites is free of any malware activities or viruses. Thus, Puja Ghar Online urges its users to take adequate precautionary measures and not shade their login credentials with others. Besides, while browsing our Website, users avoid using unsecured servers, use anti-malware software and have adequate firewall settings. In case of any data leakage, it will be the sole responsibility of the customers, and Puja Ghar Online shall not be held responsible.

1. Collection of Information

Puja Ghar Online only stores personal details of the customers, which is provided by them so as to provide a seamless journey on our Website. We collect your details so that we can customise your needs based on your previous browsing experience and ensure a safer and hassle-free experience. We only store such information which is necessary to achieve this goal.

You can even browse our Website without signing up on our Website or revealing any personal details. But as soon as you disclose your identity, you are not a stranger any more. While signing up on our Website, we strictly ensure optional fields and highlight the important ones with * mark. Customers have the discretion to not provide any information or decline any particular service at Puja Ghar Online. While you browse through our Website, we track your behavioural pattern and do internal research on the user’s interests, demographics, and behaviour so as to offer customised service. This information is compiled on an aggregated basis. It may include the URL through which you visited our Website, your computer browsing information, IP address, and any URL you go next from our Website.

For analysing the flow of our web page and measuring the promotional effectiveness, we often use data collection devices such as “cookies” on various pages of the websites. The Cookies are small files that are placed on the user’s hard drive and provide assistance in serving you better. Besides, Puja Ghar Online offers certain services which are accessible only by the use of Cookie 

Cookies also aid in providing us with information based on customer’s interest and by using Cookie, a user doesn’t have to insert their password during a session. Furthermore, the majority of the cookies are seasoned cookies, which automatically gets deleted from the user’s hard drive after the session ends. Users always have the discretion to decline our cookies if their browser permits, however, in that case, you might not be able to access some of our other features on the Website and have to re-enter your password often.

Puja Ghar Online doesn’t control the third-party cookies which additionally users often encounter with.

While think of making any purchase from our Website, we collect your details to know about your shopping behaviour.

Our collection of information limits to user’s login id, billing address, contact details, email address, etc., but in our Privacy Policy, we clearly state that we refrain from storing any confidential aspect of the user such as credit/debit card number, payment instruction details, bank account number, tracking information from money order or cheques. If you see that your details are stored on our Website, it means that it has been stored in the device through which you had made a payment gateway to Puja Ghar Online. However, we don’t have any control over the device storing system or on the server of the payment gateway.

We value your opinion and feedback and hence if you wish to post any message on our message board, or give feedback; we store that information. Often we this information while settling disputes or providing customer assistance as permitted by law.

We also collect information which is sent to us from the customers in personal email or letter or via any third party correspondence.

It must be noted that Puja Ghar Online only stores personally identifiable information like name, phone number, email id, etc. while users set up their free account on our Website. You can, however, browse through the various sections on our Website but for making any transactions, it is necessary to do the registration. Furthermore, you can receive offer details, notifications about your order or any news about any restocked item of your interest as Puja Ghar Online collects your contact details for communication.

2. Use of Demographic / Profile Data / Your Information

We strive to offer a personalised shopping experience to our customers and hence gather their personal details. Often these details help us solve disputes, troubleshoot problems, collect money, promote a safe service, inform our users about the various online and offline offers, render updates about multiple products, and customise the user’s journey. Furthermore, it helps us understand our customer’s interest in our products, helps to enforce our terms and conditions which are predefined at the time of purchase and prevents us from criminal and fraudulent activities.

Puja Ghar Online continually strives to improve the quality of the products and services rendered and hence collect and analyses the demographic and profile information of the customers based on their activity on our Website.

We also collect information about the user’s IP address in order to detect any server related issues and administer our Website. Besides, it helps in gaining broader demographic information about the user and helps to authenticate the customer information.

Occasionally users are asked to fill in our online survey forms which include your contact information and demographic details like age, income, zip code, etc. We leverage these data to customise your shopping journey on our Website and provide the users with the content of their interest and display products based on their previous browsing preference.


Cookies are small pieces of information available on the web browser that helps in gathering information which can be retrieved from the browser later. They are useful as they help the browser to remember any specific instructions given by the user. In our Website, we have both temporary and permanent cookies that are placed on the user’s hard drive. However, cookies don’t obtain any personally identifiable information of the users.

3. Sharing of personal information

It is to be noted that Puja Ghar Online can share your personal details with other affiliates and corporate entities. This often aids users in their knowledge about lucrative offers in the market, unless the user explicitly opts out of it.

At Puja Ghar Online, your details might be shared with third-party sites, and often this disclosure helps us to grant you permission to access our services, comply with our legal obligations, or facilitate our marketing campaigns. Besides, it helps to enforce our User Agreement and prevents any fraudulent actives or investigates any criminal activity related to our services. We don’t disclose your information to third parties for marketing and advertising campaigns without the consent of the users.

However, we can disclose any customer details if required in good faith belief or by the law, which is reasonably necessary at the time of conducting any legal proceedings or court orders. In such cases, customer details are shared with third party right owners, enforcement offices, etc. Such disclosure may be necessary in order to enforce our Terms and Conditions, respond to the claims made in any advertisement or prevent any content that violates the rights of the third parties, and ensures the safety of rights, and properties and general safety of the users.

We can also share your personal details with any other business entities if we or our assets plan on merging or if that business organisation amalgamates, reorganises or restructures our business. In case of such a situation, if any user makes any transaction, the new business entity can derive the personal details of the users.

4. Links to Other Sites

Puja Ghar Online links to other websites and in that case user information can be stored by them. However, we are not responsible for any privacy policy or contents related to those websites.

5. Security Precautions

Puja Ghar Online leverages stringent security measures to safeguard the misuse, alteration, or loss of information. Customers on our Website are provided with a secured server whenever they log in to their account or make any changes in their profile. After receiving user information, we strictly adhere to the security guidelines and protect your data from any unauthorised access. It is our responsibility to ensure that there are appropriate electronic, operational, procedural, physical, and technical safeguards against any breach of data so that there is no damage caused to the confidential information of the users.

Some of the salient features of the information security system of our Website are as follows:

(a) We leverage advanced firewalls, encryption, and data leakage prevention technologies to protect the information of our users;

(b) We audit all the vendors and service providers and execute non-disclosure agreements before availing their services;

(c) At Puja Ghar Online, we continuously monitor the technical and physical environment for any potential intrusions, vulnerabilities, and implement control of any address that is related to the protection of customer’s data.

6. Choice/Opt-Out

Users on our platform have the provision to opt-out from receiving any non-essential communications such as promotional offers or marketing campaigns from us in general or on behalf of our partners after creating their account.

For removal of your contact details from all Puja Ghar Online lists and newsletters, customers can email us at

7. Advertisements on Puja Ghar Online

When any user visits our Website, they can view various ads that are promoted by our third-party advertising companies. These companies can use user details but will not collect your personal details like contact information, name, email address, etc. It will look for the user’s visit on our and websites and provides promotional offers of goods and services that will personally interest the users.

8. Your Consent

As per the norms set by this Privacy Policy, any user while registering on Puja Ghar Online grants his/her consent to us for collecting and using their personal details. But this policy is not limited to your consent for sharing your information.

We always strive to provide a more seamless experience to our users and thus might add some changes in our privacy policy. We shall keep you posted about these changes on this page so that users are aware of the kind of information which we collect, the way we use it, and under what situations we shall disclose it.

9. Questions?

Please contact us regarding any questions on this statement.